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What is Medical Tourism

How it benefits patients

What is Medical Tourism?

“I saved my life, and I saved my business.” This comment by an American having received a much more affordable and life-saving surgery in India reflects a common sentiment of people struggling to afford medical treatment. For people who are faced with the difficult choice between bankruptcy and death, medical tourism has been the answer.

Medical tourism is an industry where person travel to another countries to get medical treatment, like dental, surgical care, or any other treatment along with that you can also enjoying local attractions.

If we do comparison with India and USA, a $80,000 open-heart surgery in the United States can be done for $6,000 to $10,000 in India’s best hospitals. India is rapidly becoming the premier destination for foreigners who is seeking the same quality treatments at a much affordable price.

India is rapidly becoming the premier destination for foreigners who is seeking the same quality treatments at a much affordable price.

Early on, the motivation was based in receiving economical services; patients could save up to 40% to 70% of medical costs. However, in recent years, the decision factors have become more diverse. Patients select country with reasonable pricing, quality medical treatments, ease of communication, and low living costs. India has everything favored over other countries for its strong pharmaceutical market, cheap flights and living and quality healthcare. The health and wellness tourism also has grown in popularity; India especially has drawn interest for alternative medicine and Ayurveda centres.

The introduction of medical e-visas has made the process even easier. In order to gain credibility and avert suspicions associated with quality of care, top hospitals have been certified by international accreditation schemes that enhance visibility and attract more patients.

Benefits To Patient Who Traveling To India For Treatment

  • World class treatment at affordable cost.​
  • No Waiting Time ​
  • Best Doctors in their respective fields ​
  • Many doctors have study in America & Europe
  • Doctors are having very good experience, because treating a large No of people every day due to huge population of India.
  • Cost of Staying is economic
  • Dollar having good purchasing power in India
  • Alternative Treatment is also available like Ayurveda
  • All kind of foods are available at a very economical rate
  • Transportation cost is very low
  • Safe for tourist
  • Tourist destination
  • Shopping in India again economical almost all the brands are available.
  • English is common language in India which make communication very easy.

What We Offer

Mediapplee being one of the medical facilitator help patients to plan their Medical trip to India and take away all hassle. We manage everything for the client
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