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About Urology

Urology is one of the branch  of medical sciences concentrates on the diseases of the female and male urinary tracts along with male reproductive organs is known as urology. This field of medicinal and surgical sciences deals with the diseases and disorders that affects the male and feminine urinary tract.

The disorders affecting the male genital system also taken care of by an urologist generally as a result of the reproductive and therefore the urinary system in males are closely connected. One disorder that affects the urinary tract usually finishes up moving the reproductive tract in addition, and contrariwise. For identical reason, the branch of urology is typically also mentioned as genitourinary surgery.

The main organs that come under urology include the kidneys, urinary bladder, ureters, adrenal glands, and urethra. It includes, all male reproductive organs those are prostate, penis, testes, seminal vesicles and vas deferens are also included.
Urology includes the treatment of urinary disorders through each non-surgical and surgical methods. a number of the disorders that are treated with the assistance of medicines and external therapies consist of prostatic hyperplasia and urinary tract infections. These conditions are treated with antibiotic prophylaxis in patients with compromised immune function. Medicine such as amoxicillin and ciprofloxacin are given to curb or avoid urinary infection.

Whereas, urinary surgery is commonly taken into consideration for the treatment of kidney stones, prostate cancer, and stress incontinence, among different complex and serious disorders. A typical urology and genitourinary surgery can be done with the help of both ways – open surgery and minimally invasive techniques such as laser and laparoscopic surgery.

Urology procedures are sometimes done along with other procedures from another specialties  as well due to their close association. For example, gynecology, oncology, gastroenterology, andrology and endocrinology procedures are sometimes done along with a urology procedure.

Procedures of Urology

Bladder neck incision

Cystolithotripsy (laser)


Green light laser prostratrectomy

Lap pyeloplasty

Laparoscopic radical cystectomy

Laser prostatectomy

Optical internal urethrotomy

PCNL (kidney)

Proximal urethroplasty

Radical nephrectomy

Radical prostatectomy

RIRS: Retrograde intrarenal surgery

Trans Urethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT)

Trans Urethral Resection of Prostrate (TURP)

Uretric reimplantation

Uretroscopic Removal of Stone (Bladder)


Vasectomy reversal

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